Ngegombal yukss !! Part 2

Setelah ngegombal pakai bahasa indonesia.. Diriku mau coba pake bahasa inggris ahh..

Baru keinget klo di buku les sempet ada beberapa gombalan. Ternyata diluar sana ngegombal itu diajarin juga loh sama guru nya…

Here we come 😘😘

Baby, you must be a broom !!
Why darling ??
Cause you swept me off my feet

Did the sun come out ??
Or did you just smile at me

I know milk does a good body.
Offcourse darling
But baby, how much have you been drinking ??

I think i can die happy now
Why darling ??
Cause i’ve just seen a piece of heaven

Is it hot in here ??
Or is it just you

Be nice teman. Gunakan gombalan sesuai tempatnya


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